1. This form is to be completed for Partnership other than Sole Proprietorships or company.
  2. Section B is for Partners details and attach photocopies of National ID Card/Passport/Driver’s License for Sierra Leoneans and in the case of Non-Sierra Leoneans photocopies of Certificate of Registration, Passport and Residence Permit.
  3. Please ensure that originals of photocopy attachments are presented for inspection as a basis for authentication of the photocopies at the OARG,NRA and FCC offices when you are submitting the application.


1. The Business Name

2. Business Location Address

3. Postal Address

4. Telephone Number and E-mail Address of Business

5. Activity/Industrial Classification

6. Describe your Business Activity/Nature of Business
7. The Capital employed in the business (including all Branches of Sierra Leone) with details of

8., 9., 10., & 11.

12. Full particulars of any branch(es) or other places of business in Sierra Leone.


13. Particulars of Partners
Enter the following details for each partner:
  • Tick appropriate title and write full name, beginning with surname.
  • Date of birth beginning with day, followed by month and year in that order.
  • Select sex of the shareholder.
  • Sierra Leonean to provide Photocopy of National ID Number (or passport / driver’s license if applicant has one). Non-nationals of Sierra Leone are to provide passport number and residence permit
Partner 1

14. Note:for Promoter.

hereby certify and declare that the foregoing particulars are to my knowledge and belief correct, and I undertake to notify the Registrar of Companies/business, National Revenue Authority and the Freetown City Council whenever there is a change of circumstance affecting or relating to the particulars of the company/business as stated above.