Marriage Registration Process

  1. Conduct marriages and file the civil marriage
  2. Register married certificate, Muslims Devoice, and Christian
  3. Search for married certificate
  4. Prepare payment slip
  5. Certify copies of wedding certificates
  6. File civil certificate
  7. Endorsed wedding certificate both Christian and Muslim
  8. Booking for civil wedding

Services Offer

Marriage Registration Fees Charges
Booking of Date
Le 150,000
Civil Wedding
Le 450,000
Registration of Christian marriage certificate.
Le 75,000
Registration of Muslim marriage certificate.
Le 75,000
Sale of Both Muslim and Christian Certificate
Le 75,000
Certification of Both marriage Certificate
Le 30,000
Sale of muslim Divorce certificate
Le 75,000
Non Impediment Certificate
Le 370,000
Christian Marriage License
Le 375,000
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